Fishing Monduran Dam

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Fishing Monduran dam

Some quick Mondy facts:


Monduran is home to a barramundi world record caught in December 2010 by Denis Harold.


The fish weighed in at at a massive 44.64kg and measured 1.34m in length with a girth of an incredible 107cm.


Lake Monduran follows the course of the Kolan River which hits the coast north of Bundaberg.


On hold due to Covid-19, Monduran is home to tournaments including the fish stocking society’s annual Family Fishing Classic in October, as well as the Golden Barra comp in which anglers target tagged barra mid October to Mid February.

…Anglers fishing Monduran Dam should expect lots of casting at the timber which covers most bays and inlets of the dam and is deal holding areas for fish.

There’s hardly a more iconic Australian fish species than the mighty barramundi. It rates highly on the bucket list for anglers from all over the country. And there is just so much to love about these fish, not-in-the-least the big boof bite, tough fight and aerial jumping display! And the barras come in XL size at Monduran…

Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing offer a variety of Monduran Dam fishing charters from part to multi-day sessions, to give you the best chance to tussle with what may be your first ever barra!

Monduran (Fred Haigh Dam)

Monduran Dam is a stocked barramundi fishing impoundment just off the Bruce Highway near Gin Gin, approximately 4.5 hours drive north of Brisbane. It is a large dam and even at current almost 50% capacity covers sizeable area, which is 5300ha at full capacity. It was constructed in 1978 across the Kolan River and has an average depth of 11m creating prime barra fishing conditions.

Technically the dam itself is called Fred Haigh Dam, and it’s the dam wall that is called Monduran. So of course the dam is popularly known as Monduran Dam, Lake Monduran or Mondy.

  • Anglers at Monduran Dam are required by the QLD Department of Fisheries to hold a current Stock Impoundment Permit (SIP).
  • Weekly or annual permits can be purchased online.
  • Purchase your permit here.

Great place to fish!

Timber lined points and bay areas are the main features of Monduran Dam which makes it a very pretty place to fish free from the less-desirables like sandflies! It is one of the larger stocked dam offering an almost unlimited number of areas to fish. You could fish the dam every day for a month and still not see all of it.

The main basin from the dam wall holds good numbers of fish during summer and trolling this area can be a good option literally hundreds of metres from the boat ramp.

Aside from barra, Australian bass, golden perch, silver perch, boney bream, sooty grunter, saratoga, Murray cod and barred grunter have all been caught by anglers fishing Monduran Dam.

Monduran Dam is one of the southern-most barramundi stocked impoundments in Queensland.
Its proximity makes it an easy choice for anglers traveling from the Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as Brisbane all the way up to Central Queensland as it is less than 10 minutes from the Bruce Highway turnoff.
There is also an abundance of accommodation options including camping and caravan sites nearby and cabin and house accommodations overlooking the dam itself with Lake Monduran Holiday Park. Gin Gin is less than 15minutes away on the Bruce Highway and hosts 24 hour service stations as well as an IGA, pubs and motels and van park.
Luke Fallon has been involved in the charter fishing industry full time for 34 years.
Since moving to the Fraser Coast permanently in 2018, Luke has been honing his Monduran Dam skills and easily logs hundreds of days on the water each year.
Luke’s intimate knowledge of the the dam as well as his over 30 years of guiding experience for this species is to the benefit of his clients
He is a Master V, MED I and holds a current Senior First Aid Certificate.