Lake Monduran

Barramundi fishing and staying at Mondy
Visiting & Fishing At
Lake Monduran
Lake Monduran has many things to offer south east Queensland barramundi fishermen and women. Not only is it the closest of the stocked barra impoundments to the greater SEQ at only 4.5hrs drive from Brisbane, it is the LARGEST stocked barramundi imoundment in Queensland full stop.
Monduran is also the most reliable southern barramundi impoundment in Queensland (and is also the northernmost stocking of Australian bass!) being stocked by the Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association, and as such is a popular with anglers from all over the state, particularly anglers from the southern end of Queensland.
STOCKING At Lake monduran
The Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association (MASA) has been stocking fish into Lake Monduran since 1998 and regularly releases fingerling species to ensure the lake has a successful recreational fishing stock. Besides barramundi fingerlings the stocking association regualarly releases Australian bass, as well as silver and golden perch.
Stocked fingerling’s grow quite rapidly and known to reach a legal size of within 15 months in the impoundment dam environment. Over the years its estimated over 2million barra fingerlings have been released into the lake.
Facilities at Lake Monduran
Lake Monduran, or Mondy as it is known, has all the facilities needed for anglers to enjoy their stay and fish. It has a good boat ramp with bitumen access from the Bruce Highway as well as several accommodation options at the Lake Monduran Holiday park ranging from camping and caravan to cabins and houses overlooking the water. You can even hire a houseboat!
A stocked impoundment permit (SIPs) is required to fish at Lake Monduran and these can be purchased online here.
Guided Fishing At monduran Dam
Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing offers half day, full day and multi session barramundi fishing charters at the lake. You can find out more about the different charter options via our charter options page.
Luke has been barra guiding since the early 1990’s and is very adept at both saltwater barra fishing as well as impoundment fishing. Since moving to the Fraser Coast in 2018, he’s spent a lot of time at the lake and easily logs hundreds of hours on the water each year.
FISHING at Lake Monduran
Monduran is an especially pretty dam, even at its current less than 50% capacity. Anglers fishing Monduran should expect a lot of casting at timber! But with an average depth of 11m across the dam there are also great opportunities for trolling. Being such a large dam, Luke likes to think it has almost unlimited number of areas to fish, especially as the levels change and that you could fish the dam every day for a month and still not see all of it!
Many big fish have been caught at Mondy including the all tackle world record in 2010 ( 44.64kg and 1.34m!). Since the dam flooded in 2011 (and again in 2013) and a lot of big barra made their way over the wall and into the Kolan River proper, the metre + fish have been harder to find but already the dam is on its way back to reclaiming its big barra title!