Lake Monduran barra charters

Lake Monduran
Barra charters
Luke offers Lake Monduran Barra Charters in his brand new custom built 2021 model O’Brien centre console.
Luke has been barra fishing and guiding since his early 20’s and honed his skills in the saltwater and impoundments of North Queensland. Some of his most notable achievements are guiding 9 barramundi over 1m in a single session, including a very impressive 5 over 1.2 metres, in the salt. And guiding in the fresh (impoundment), putting an angler who has spent over 20 years trying for his first metery onto 3 fish over 1m in a single session (biggest 1.3m)!
Since permanently relocating south in 2018, Luke has been honing his Monduran Dam skills and easily logs hundreds of days on the water each year. His intimate knowledge of the the dam as well as his over 30 years of guiding experience for this species is to the benefit of his Lake Monduran barra charter clients.
Lake Monduran Barra
As a stocked dam, Lake Monduran is the southern-most barramundi impoundment in Queensland. Each year it is stocked by the Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association (just this March 2021 MASA released another 60,000 barra fingerlings!).
Its proximity to Brisbane and south east Queensland (just 4-4.5 hrs drive from Brisbane) make it a very popular angling destination.
Lake Monduran barra charters typically fish well throughout the year, even over the winter – giving you ample opportunity to shrug the winter blues and hit up some dam barra with Luke!
Lake Monduran barra charter options
Luke offers angers half day, full day and multi session charters at the lake targeting barra. Most of our charters are two anglers although we can take up to three. If you are traveling solo, that’s not a problem either!
The charter start and end times will vary throughout the year but typically we fish 4+ hour sessions over the best times of the day which are typically early morning or later afternoon.
For more details about the different charter options via our charter options page.
targeting monduran barra

Anglers fishing Lake Monduran should expect to be doing a lot of casting at timber! With an average depth of 11m across the lake there are also great opportunities for trolling.

Many big fish have been caught at Mondy including the all tackle world record in 2010 ( 44.64kg and 1.34m!).

Monduran is an extremely large dam (it is the largest stocked barra impoundment in Queensland) Being such a large dam (5300ha at full capacity), Luke believes it has almost unlimited number of areas to fish in any time of the year. Especially as the levels and season change as the fish move into different areas.

Staying at Lake Monduran
Monduran’s proximity to SEQ makes it an easy choice for anglers traveling from the Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as Brisbane. It is also under 10 minutes from the Bruce Highway turnoff.
Anglers can stay at the Lake itself with several options from Lake Monduran Holiday Park which include camping and caravan sites for the experienced travellers to cabin and house accommodations for those wanting to travel light!
Gin Gin, online 15minutes drive on the highway has all the facilities you need if you prefer to stay in town including 24 hour service stations as well as an IGA, pubs and motels and van park.